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New Start Dog Rescue Automation


Saved 100's of manual hours generating a printable application form from a Google Forms response by implementing the GSuite tool called Autocrat. Autocrat allows for workflow automation in the GSuite. Particularly in this instance, used Autocrat to generate a printable document from a Forms response collected in Google Sheets.

What is autoCrat?

Autocrat is an add-on to the G Suite that allows for automating the creation of documents from responses to forms. It is very dynamic and user friendly, requiring next to no "code" other than the "tags" it uses.

Three Key Components

Google Form

Capture information. Faces the internet

This is how the volunteer, adoption candidate applies

Google Sheet

Stores the responses for easy use

Suggest to  configure from the form under the response tab

Google Doc

Formatted document template for each response

Document is formatted and is a template to map data from the Google Sheet of responses into the formatted document using tags

Steps to Configure

  1. Create Google      Form

  2. Ensure you       setup the responses to be stored in a Sheet

  3. Create Google Doc Template

  4. Use << tag name >> to specify where data should be mapped to

  5. Do not duplicate tag       names

  6. Go into the Google Sheet      that is holding the responses

  7. Click on "Add      Ons"

  8. Go to "autoCrat"      and "Launch"

  9. Once autoCrat launches, it      will show you any "Merge Jobs" if you have any already      configured, but if not, you won't see anything currently listed and can      start by clicking the New button.

  10. Merge Job =       what the autocrat add-on calls the action to merge data from the sheet       into the formatted document

  11. Walk through the screens      to configure the job

  12. Once complete, responses      entered in the Form will automatically generate a Doc/PDF and a response      in the Sheet

Helpful Links:

Autocrat User Guide:

Autocrat Forum in a Google Group:!forum/nv-autocrat-add-on

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