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Cost Data Warehouse

2021, 2015

Cost Data Warehouse for manufacturing production insights to break out true elements of cost throughout multiple levels of subassembly production. Multiple versions exist.

The Cost Data Warehouse (CDW) is a manufacturing insights solution to break down the true elements of cost in manufacturing. The 2021 version is written in X++ for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations (on-premise). The 2015 version is based on Dynamics 365 "xRM" using SQL and SSIS.

Why is CDW needed? 

The purpose of CDW is to break down actual labor, overhead, and material costs for multi-level production orders/BOMS. In short, breaking out sub-assembly material cost into the actual elements of cost to produce the sub-assembly. Without CDW, sub-assembly labor and overhead cost is treated as material cost. This overstates the actual labor and overhead costs.

Sample use case

This is particularly important in the government contracting space. Bids must be placed on government contracts. In the bid, detailed information must be provided on expected cost broken down into categories. CDW provides the client a more accurate picture of their actual costs, allowing a more competitive bid than the competition. Additionally, it is key in reporting for both internal operational use and reporting to the government on status of a contract once won.

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